Banana face pack for Healthy & Glowing skin in winters

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In winters we should pay more attention to our skin because maximum people suffer from dry and dull skin. Here I am going to share with you some face masks for healthy skin in winters.

Ingredients: Half banana, Milk powder or raw milk, Yogurt, honey

1. Peel off banana and cut into pieces, now blend it to make a fine paste, Add 1 teaspoon milk powder but if you don’t have milk powder you can add 2 teaspoon raw milk, add 1 teaspoon yogurt, 1 teaspoon honey. Mix all ingredients very well.

2. Apply this mixture on your clean face and wash it off with normal water after 30 minutes.

 Benefits of ingredients:

Banana is rich in nutrients that make it effective for all skin types, aging skin, and acne pone skin. Potassium present in banana makes skin soft and smooth; Vitamin B lightens skin tone and reduces wrinkles.

2. Milk:

Healthy fats in milk moisturize skin and soothe the oily skin. Lactic acid lightens skin tone. Also alpha hydroxy acid present in milk removes dead skin cells.

3. Yogurt:

Lactic acid present in yogurt remove dead skin and tighten pores. It is very good moisturizer for dry skin.

4. Honey:

Combination of honey and banana prevents dry skin. Honey also repairs damage skin. Its antibacterial property prevents skin from various infections.

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