How to maintain healthy and fit body naturally

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If you want to maintain fit body then no need to do dieting. You have to just add some foods in your diet. In today’s time everyone wants to be update with fashion and new trends. But if you are fatty then it is a problem to wear some dresses or they do not fits you and if you are too thin, then also some clothes do not suits you.

For this you do dieting and take medicines but friends their effect on body is temporary and also harm your body with their side effects.

If you want to maintain a good physic then you have to do some changes in your daily routine and food. For some foods it is your thinking that if you take them you will gain weight but it is not necessary foods you consume daily are fatty and weight gain. But some foods are necessary for a healthy body and to control weight.

Let’s talk about some foods necessary for a healthy body.


Egg is very good for your health. It is a rich source of protein. Including egg in your daily diet it will provide your body healthy fat and helps you to maintain fir body.


Tulsi leaves are beneficial for health as it improves digestion system and increase immunity. Also it maintains you body weight.


Curd is a rich source of probiotic bacteria which helps to maintain healthy metabolism of your body. It will keep your body fit and healthy.

4.Cauliflower / Cabbage

Either it is cauliflower or cabbage you should include both of these in your diet because these contain high amount of fiber and low calories. They will help you to reduce weight.


You can include sprouts in your routine as it is rich in nutrients and fiber which keeps your body healthy and prevent you from many diseases. It will also help you to digest food.



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