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Natural Hair Growth Tips

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Today’s life most and main problem we are suffering is Hair Loss. Lots of people complain about hair fall, dry and damage hair, fizzy hair. Healthy hairs play a very important role in our beauty. No one wants to lose this beauty asset. But how we can control this problem, everyone of us have busy life schedule and work routine that we don’t have time to take care our self or sometimes we are so much tired that we avoid to take care our self. Here are some simple and easy tips to include in your daily routine and you will get good results.1.

1.Nutritional food

Nutritious food gives strength to our body and hairs. Our hair growth depends upon our diet. It is necessary that there is sufficient protein in our diet for their natural growth. You can include milk, curd, paneer, soya food. If you are a non-vegetarian you can take egg, chicken, mutton or fish.

Also vitamin A & C are very good for healthy hair. These two vitamins are very helpful in producing natural oil from pores in our scalp. These keep our hair moisturize and prevent them from breakage.

You can find these vitamins in Pineapple, strawberry, orange, lime, sweet potato, pumpkin, green vegetables.

Almonds and walnuts are also good for healthy hair.


As we are talking about healthy hair, how we can skip exercise. Stress is also a reason of hair loss. If you do some exercise daily then it will keep your mind peaceful and reduce your stress level. Also it will improve blood circulation and make your hair strong.


Drink 10-12 glass of water a day. It will keep hairs moisturize.

4.Hair oiling and Head massage

You can do regular hair oiling and head massage.It will make hair roots stronger and best is that do oiling at before go to bed then keep it overnight. Next morning you can wash off them. Always massage your scalp gently in circular motion with your finger tips. Roughly massage can also lead to hair loss.

4.Avoid use of electrical equipment

Try to avoid use of electrical equipment like dryer, straighter, curler and all. If you want to use these then always use in low heat.

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